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We only have one core value – trust – which drives everything we do. It is the foundation on which all productive business relationships must be built. No trust, no (long-term) business.

We know we have to earn trust with new clients and maintain it with established ones. Sometimes we have needed to repair it, because like everyone we are imperfect and occasionally make mistakes. But we are passionate about working with clients and associates in a climate of trust, and we consciously build it into every conversation, every relationship, and every project. When we do this, trust grows. The concept of suppliers and clients disappears, because suppliers + trust = partners.

With growing levels of trust, we can have tough conversations which challenge our partners' thinking on issues; and where they in turn can challenge our ideas. This creative tension leads to innovative solutions.

When trust develops out of open conversations, we can commit to the decisions we have made together. Everyone is accountable for their own role in making the development initiatives a success. Such mutual accountability allows us to focus all our energies on results which are great for all parties.

We believe that the people attending our programmes respond to our blend of authenticity and flexibility. This is the global people dilemma we help others to reconcile, but to be credible, we have to model it ourselves.

What trust means to us?

Our belief in the power of trust applies both to how we work within TCO and to our dealings with client-partners. There is no difference.

  • Trust in our competence to meet the highest standards and find innovative approaches to developing global people; we love what we do and want our enthusiasm to be contagious.

  • Trust in our support when you need it, empathising with your changing needs and priorities; we focus on the long-term, investing together in a bank of trust.

  • Trust in our integrity that we will keep promises, follow up, manage tough conversations and be committed to the success of the projects in which we are engaged.

  • Trust in sharing information with us; we do not break confidentiality, but support each other generously with our own specialist knowledge built up over years.

  • Trust in working interdependently on projects; we expect by default to be able to rely on each other.

If you enjoy working like this, then we’ll all enjoy working together.

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